Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

What Makes Egyptian Cotton so Special?

The unique collection of luxury Egyptian cotton bed linen available from Woods of Harrogate is woven from the finest Egyptian cotton and manufactured to the highest standard. It includes cool, crisp,sophisticated cotton percale with traditional cording, drawn thread work or romantic embroidery and soft silky smooth cotton sateen, woven in intricate jacquard designs with a subtle sheen, all carefully chosen for style and quality.

Luxury Egyptian cotton bed linen is not only an indulgence but essential for a good nights sleep. Only Egyptian cotton has the qualities needed to weave the beautiful fabrics used for luxury bed linens.

Egyptian cotton has always been recognised as the finest cotton produced anywhere in the world. Grown in the rich fertile soil of the Nile delta with plenty of sunshine and moderate rainfall, it takes seven months for the cotton to grow; it is then harvested by hand. This slow growth ensures a strong long staple fibre and it is this that makes Egyptian cotton so special

Only the very best of the long staple cotton produced is selected by the spinners to produce the extra fine yarns needed to weave the high thread count fabric used by leading manufacturers of luxury bed linen. This fabric is known as Egyptian cotton percale and has a minimum thread count of 200 threads per square inch, but can be as high as 500 plus.

There is a lot of confusion caused to customers by thread counts and the meaning of percale. Fabric can be woven using a mixture of cotton and polyester; if it is then woven with a thread count of 180 threads per square inch it can be called percale. Likewise fabric woven with inferior cotton yarn which is crammed tightly together to create a high thread count can be described as percale but this produces a heavier courser cloth. Only the finest Egyptian cotton is used to weave the fabric for luxury bed linen manufacturers.

The unique collection of bed linen available from Woods of Harrogate is only woven from the finest Egyptian cotton and manufactured to the highest standard.

Many of our new customers come looking for luxury bed linen after staying in 5 star hotels and have experienced the difference sleeping in smooth soft Egyptian cotton makes. On average most people spend a third of their life in bed so it is well worth investing in good quality bed linen which will give so much pleasure and comfort for many years.

To dress your bed in decorative bed linen, some well chosen cushions, and a soft throw can transform your bedroom, adding style and elegance and making it a special place to sleep or just relax in pure indulgent luxury.