Finding The Right Luxury Pillow For You

According to the bedroom poll conducted by The National Sleep Foundation, having a comfortable, quality pillow is a key element to a fantastic night’s sleep. This comes as no surprise as pillows are responsible for supporting arguably the most important parts of the body while asleep: the head and neck. A bad pillow can give you a bad headache and leave you feeling stiff whereas a great pillow will support your head and neck, relieving stress and allowing you to sink into a sumptuous and relaxing sleep.

William Woods has spent a lifetime in the fine linens industry, carefully selecting unique products of the highest quality for his shop, Woods Fine Linens. Of this selection, there are 27 luxury pillow options to choose from. The most coveted pillows from this vast collection are our range of down and down-feather mix pillows. But what makes these particular pillows special and which one should you choose?


Natural Filled Down and Feather Pillows

Pillows filled with down and feathers are the most cost-effective luxury pillow option available. This combination of 51 percent white duck down and 49 percent white duck feather masterfully blends softness and support to provide the user with a deluxe-feel and a restful night’s sleep.

Natural Filled Duck and Goose Down Pillows

Down refers to the soft under layer of a bird’s feathers. The light and luxuriously indulgent nature of down make down pillows wonderfully relaxing as well as ultra-supportive. In addition to incomparable comfort, pillows made from down are lighter, warmer and last considerably longer than feather pillows.

Woods Exclusive Handmade Luxury White Goose Down Pillows

With the aim to elevate the already impeccable standards of down pillows, William Woods travelled to the finest pillow manufacturer in Germany to commission what we regard as the most indulgent and high-quality pillow you can possibly experience. Wonderfully made and beautifully soft, this remarkable pillow created from large clusters of 100% European white goose down needs to be felt to be believed.

At Woods we are continually fine tuning our selection of pillows to ensure that we offer nothing less than the best. If the 27 pillows available do not meet your requirements, we also offer a bespoke service upon which pillows can be specially made to meet even the most exacting of needs.

If you are unsure which pillow is right for you, or would simply like to try before you buy, visit our Woods shop in Harrogate where our dedicated and experienced team of staff are always on-hand to impart their vast knowledge of fine linens to help you find the perfect addition to your home.