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Woods Instant Dryer Linen Kitchen Tea Towel

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Add a practical and stylish addition to your kitchen with our with our Instant Dryer 100% Linen Kitchen Tea Towels. Designed with maximum absorbency in mind, our Linen Tea Towels absorb moisture instantly, dry quickly, and leave no lint. Delicate, but incredibly durable, choose from a red, blue, or green centre stripe to co-ordinate with your kitchen.

Styled with an attractive text-based design in a traditional typeface, our Linen Tea Towels have a classic, timeless look. Generously sized and pre-washed ready for use straight away, add a useful and reliable item to your kitchen linen collection with our Linen Tea Towels.

*Available to buy as individual cloths or as a pack of 6. If you would like a pack of 6 Glass Cloths in mixed colours please put a note of the colours you would like as you go through checkout or send us an email to shop@woodsfinelinens.com.

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