Natural Filled White Goose Down Pillow

£132 £155

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day with the Woods natural filled white goose down pillow. This ultra soft pillow is filled with a mix of the finest white goose down 80% and white goose feather 20 % and encased in piped cotton cambric. Ideal for back and side sleepers, it provides medium support to keep your neck and spine in perfect alignment, giving you all the fundamentals for an undisturbed night's sleep.

Part of the Woods Essentials range, this luxurious pillow matches the quality of many branded products whilst offering excellent value for money. White goose down is widely regarded as the best that money can buy, offering exceptional insulation, comfort and warmth. Order the Woods natural filled white goose down pillow online today and make getting your head down at night that little bit easier.

Please note pillows are non-returnable

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