Cire Trudon Box of 6 Burgundy Madeleine Dinner Candles (Unscented)


Madeleine candles used to illuminate the Madeleine church in Paris.

They are made, employing traditional methods, in our Normandy workshop. Dyed in small lots, Madeleine candles are created from superior quality wax.

They are dripless and smokeless.

Each candle measures 20cm x 2cm

  •  In order to obtain the best burn, first make sure your candle fits properly and stands upright in a candlestick holder, candelabrum or chandelier.
  • Always keep the candle away from draughts, including any fans or air conditioners.
  • Always keep a distance of at least 3 inches between each burning candle.
  • The wick should not exceed 0.5 inch.
  • Do not handle the candle whilst it is still burning or whilst the wax is still molten.
  • Never let your candle burn unattended, or within reach of children or animals.

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