Christian Fischbacher 'Felino' Cotton Bed Linen

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FELINO by Christian Fischbacher of Switzerland is a soft jacquard cotton sateen featuring a subtle animal print, a new take on a perennial favourite in fashion and interior design.

FELINO is available in three luxurious-looking colourways: two subtle shades – pale beige and silvery grey – and a glamorous golden brown. The pattern, which is inspired by the tell tale markings typical of a leopard, were drawn by hand, and the name derives from the word for big cat in Italian.

FELINO is part of the Les Jacquards collection, which is hallmarked by fine fabrics and elegant designs in modern colours. Jacquard is an old weaving technique that creates striking patterns by alternating between the warp and weft atlas. A particularly high proportion of warp satin in the surface of the fabric makes it exceptionally smooth and fine to the touch.

Jacquard 100% Cotton

The luxurious jacquard collection is bound to impress with its fine weave and elegant designs in contemporary colours. The fabrics are made on a jacquard machine, named after its inventor Joseph-Marie Jacquard. Jacquard is an old weaving technique that enables woven fabrics to be made with a much broader range of designs. The striking patterns are created by alternating between the warp and weft atlas.

• 60°C coloured laundry, normal washing program

• Do not bleach

• Tumble dry, low heat

• Iron with medium heat

• Dry clean only

  • Material : 100% Cotton

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  • Material : 100% Cotton

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