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Canadian Snow Goose Down Duvet

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Canadian Snow Goose Down Duvets are one of our best sellers and are a superb balance of warmth and breathability. Super quality all round.

Thanks to their cold and unpolluted habitat, the down produced by Canadian geese is the one of the most luxurious available, as the cold, clean habitat creates the ideal conditions for the growth of soft, plush feathers and down.

The main advantage of a goose down duvet is that it works naturally with your body temperature, absorbing excess heat to keep you cool in the summer and trapping heat in the winter to keep you snug.

The 13.5 tog snow goose down duvet is the perfect option for you if get cold easily at night or live in a cooler house. It comes with a 15 year guarantee and is available in a wide range of sizes. Order online today and feel the pressures of the day drift away.

This makes the 9 tog snow goose down duvet the ideal option for you if you live in a warm house or tend to get too hot in bed.

This duvet is available in a wide range of sizes and comes with a 15 year guarantee, just to help you sleep that little bit easier at night. Make your best investment for bedtime online today and try our 3 tog, 6 tog, 9 tog or 13.5 tog Canadian snow goose down duvet for yourself.

Please note duvets and pillows are non-returnable.

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