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Orchid Flower Diffuser - White Flowers Fragrance

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The orchid – looks simple but has 87 parts. With a quality glass bottle designed by Senti and made in Italy.

White Flowers Fragrance - a fusion of dewy green accords with delicate notes of white flowers, patchouli and warm nuances of amber and tonka bean.

The sealed top stops evaporation.

If the instructions are followed the first bottle will last up to 5 months

To help you enjoy your Orchid to the fullest, please follow this simple guide on how to use and protect it.

  1. Unscrew the stem by turning the gold ring at the top of the fragrance bottle — please do not twist the stem itself.
  2. Fill your Orchid vase with 250ml of the enclosed Senti fragrance, using the funnel provided. Please note, our fragrance contains ethanol, which can damage wooden and fabric surfaces — so please be careful and fill away from anything precious.
  3. Screw the stem back onto the top of the fragrance vase. Again, do not turn the stem itself.
  4. Carefully turn your Orchid upside-down for 10 seconds – and no longer – to allow the fragrance to reach each petal.
  5. Repeat the above process once every 3 days – please don’t turn more regularly than that, as overdosing your Orchid may result in drips of fragrance escaping.
  6. Please use only Senti fragrance with your Orchid – it’s been carefully developed to work with this product. 
  7. Only refill the orchid stem with the same fragrance.
  8. To avoid a build-up of dust on your petals, gently blow each petal using a hair dryer on a COLD setting keeping the dryer at arm’s length. Or occasionally, wipe the petals carefully with a damp cloth to remove dirt.
  9. Wipe the glass vase with a warm damp cloth regularly.
  10. One more thing: the Orchid’s throw – the distance over which the fragrance will diffuse – will increase over time. (As with real flowers, patience is a virtue.)
  11. Best positioned in hallways or on tables that are passed frequently to increase airflow. Better not to be placed on shelves or on window ledges
  12. White Flowers fragrance developed and produced in the UK.

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