Pratesi - The End or the Beginning?

"People with uncommon taste share an uncommon lifestyle" Pratesi.

You may or may not have heard that Pratesi are sadly no longer in production. So what does this mean for you? If you're searching for that extra special Pratesi material and elite design but are struggling to find it, we have the solution.

Like Pratesi, we have long been associated with fine linens, since 1733 in fact. In the last few decades of that long association we have retailed Pratesi linens from our exclusive family run shop in Harrogate.

We still have an enormous amount of enquiries for loyal Pratesi customers who like us loved and appreciated their exquisite sense of luxury bed linen.

So rather than let customers struggle to fill the void, we have tracked down the original Pratesi cloth before they altered and lowered the quality to their rebranded but lesser thread count 'Angel Skin' and have echoed their most popular designs and eye for classic style, to present a superb replacement for Pratesi aficionados.

Produced exclusively for Woods Fine Linens in Italy, using the exact original Pratesi superfine cotton, we have three classic designs including a sympathetic re-interpretation of everyone's favourite Pratesi design, 'Chain'.

If you liked the 'Pratesi Chain Design' we present you with a superfine alternative: Woods Italian Classic Sorano Bed Linen Set

If your preference was for 'Orbite Embroidery Design' we can offer you the: Woods Italian Classic Pila Superfine Bed Linen Set

If you liked or bought 'Mare Embroidery Design' before perhaps look at: Woods Italian Classic Busetto Superfine Bed Linen Set