Few products have that extra special something that makes it stand out from the crowd. Luckily for us, Cochine Home Fragrance does and we are delighted to present it to you.

Founding Story

The company was founded by fragrance specialist, Kate Crofton-Atkins after a sensory inspiring trip to Saigon. Kate has carefully crafted a company and products which encapsulate the scents of Saigon and the Vietnamese countryside with a sensibility for the environment which is tenderly respected in their manufacturing techniques.

Kate Crofton-Atkins, Fragrance Specialist & Founder of Cochine


Each of their sophisticated fragrances have been designed as an 'eau de parfum' but for your home. Conjuring a perfumed scene of Saigon; from the tiny hidden alleyways overflowing with intoxicating jasmine flowers, to lazy, sun-drenched afternoons on the banks of the Saigon River decorated by the hundreds of floating water hyacinth.

So why did Sarah Woods choose Cochine for Woods, after all we have other excellent Home Fragrances? When I put this question to Sarah, the answer that came back was simple: "sustainable, beautifully packaged scents, what's not to love?" - that told me!

Hard to believe it's made from over 90% recycled materials.

The Environment

So what are Cochine's environmental credentials. I found out they are in fact numerous. Let's start with the products themselves. All the products are made in Vietnam using the highest quality essential oils and ingredients which are ethically and sustainably sourced.

The candles are made using botanical palm oil wax specially developed for Cochine using renewable resources, this dedication to using a more natural alternative to paraffin wax is just what this market needs! Likewise, they use high-performance lead-free cotton wicks.

Their custom-made bottles are manufactured from PET recyclable plastic and their beautiful outer packaging is made from over 90% recycled card.

But there is also a jewel in their crown. Cochine are supporting sustainable farming projects, such as the Agarwood Project founded by The Rainforest Project. This once almost extinct tree with hugely valuable essential oil, was rescued from the brink of extinction and over 200,000 seedlings planted over 15 years ago now produce Agarwood oil in a protected and sustainable environment and it smells just wonderful!

I have experienced the scent of every one of their products and they are without equal, they make wonderful gifts owing to the quality packaging. It's products just like this that Woods Fine Linens are proud to support.

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